Key Archievements:
Some of the key Achievement:
  • 1000 poor Adibasi and Dalit families have developed skill and resource and increased their food security situation.

  • 200  women panchayat  members have done significant work in terms of implementation of  MGNREGS work,  improving functioning  of  ICDS canters,  regularizing  the functioning of village schools , inclusion of   eligible persons in social and food security schemes, provision drinking water, road connectivity, etc.

  • 200 marginal farmers have increased their agriculture production by using water from Gravity base irrigation and surface water harvest tank.

  • 600 acres of waste land has been converted into community forestry in 19 villages.

  • The women farmers association, formed at village and Panchayat level has been duly recognized by Govt. and women have availed support meant for farmers.

  • The  Self help groups run by women has  successfully eliminated money lenders and members  of SHG beside thrift and credit , are also involved in opposing gender discrimination practices and violence against women.

  • The monitoring of Food security programme by members of SHG has brought significant improvement in function of ICDS centres  and mid-day meal given in the schools.

  • The vigilant community particularly the members of SHG have taken action to bring improvement in the functioning of village schools, ICDC centers and immunization coverage.

  • There has been significant improvement in implementation of food and social security programme by use of RTI and   increased barging power of people.

  • Mobilise community through campaigns against practice of child and under age marriage of girls and motivating parents for the education of girl children.
  • Supported 4000 families to present their claim to get lease land under Forest Right Act and 700 families have got lease title under Forest Right Act.