Rehabilitation of most Inaccessible Village at New Adagan:

The old Adagan   a hill top village was one the most inaccessible village in Gandahati   Panchayat of Rayagada Block in Gajapati district. The village was consisted of four hamlets with total habitation of 108 families. All the families in Adagan Village are Adibasis, belonging to Soura Community.  The village did not have any road connective and was approachable only with steep climbing. Due to remoteness and inaccessibility the villagers were suffering from number of problems. Earlier there was regular epidemic  caused by malaria and gastroentries resulting death of number of children.   The school was non-functional teacher or chidden attendant he school. It was also not possible for the children to go to other villager for education given  the distance  they had to cover.  The

villagers  due to distance   and climbing  of difficult  terrene  were not even taking subsidize rice that was sold at Panchayat Office   With deprivation and continuous suffering villagers of Adagan had   decided to  shift their habitation to new place   where they could access health facilities, education of children  and find better opportunity to earn livelihood etc.  They   identified a piece of land which had no legal problem to obtain title. Finding the decision of Adagan villagers to shift their village to a plan area most appropriate and   necessary IWD with financial support from Trocaire supported the Adagan villagers to rebuild their village.  With available financial support and villagers own contribution 108 has been constructed at New Adagan.

Now the village has regularly running Angawadi centre and school. All the children are attending the school and Anganawadi Centre. Meanwhile 15 families are included in IWY and remodeling their houses. The villagers get easy employment by working as agriculture labourer in other fields.  People have increased their access to health facilities and availing social and food security benefits.

Now the entire village has a new face and  people have new life.