Strengthening CBOs

In the present context number of Programmes are being supported by Govt. to elevate poverty and improve rural infrastructure , food and social security to poor etc But as it is experienced many of the deserving people who are entitle to access these benefit are deprived . There are number of villages which still lacking availing very basic facilities like water , school for children education , etc. One the reason for people not accessing such benefits are lack of information and bargaining power to present their problem before appropriate authority and following up.  IWD in its 50 operational villages in Rayagada and Gosani Block has mobilized people to form Village Development Committee (VDC) as community level CBO consisting of both women and men as members .

The conscious effort is taken to regularly build their capacity and bargaining power by organizing leadership training, information sharing, and interface meeting so that they present their village and other problem before the authorities and get their problem solved.


The intervention has helped members of VDC to become aware of various Govt. programme and service meant for people and poor. The collective action of people has resulted in inclusion of 90% eligible persons in various pension schemes construction of road connectivity to very remote and inaccessible village ,tubewel and bore for solving water problem , construction of school buildings etc .
The payment in MG NREGS wok has become somewhat regular. 7 villages has multipurpose water pond and used for irrigation and fishery by the villagers,  277 families have got land title under FRA.  The members of VDC are regularly monitoring the function of the village school and Angawadi centre and food distribution of children.