01   Protest to get Justice for a Victimized Woman  


In the month of November 2015 a young tribal woman was sexually abused by a lawyer who was fighting for her maintenance case. The culprit lawyer called the woman in the pretext of discussing case matter and forcefully raped her. Though the FIR was lodged in Paralakhemundi police station, but no action was taken against the culprit . On the other hand as a lawyer he also mobilized support of other lawyer to suppress the case . Hearing this incident IWD , in association with other women organizations started protesting with a demand of immediate arrest of the accused lawyer. Huge rallies were organized at Block head quarter and district head quarter at R.Udayagiri and Paralakhemundi and memorandum was submitted for immediate action . This incident become one the very big and sensitive issue in the district and forced police to act. However the culprit since then has been absconding and pressure continues for his arrest

02   Campaign to stop gender bases violence and discrimination against women  


Violence is one of the biggest impedimenta for womenís advancement. To create public awareness and sensitivity on this issue IWD continues to campaign to stop all forms of gender base violence and discrimination against women . In the month of November and December a weeklong campaign was organized by organizing rally , public meeting, street play etc in Rayagada and R.Udayagiri block of Gajapati district in Odisha. The campaign vividly depicted a message to stop all forms of violence and discrimination against women. Large number of women Panchayat members , members of village SHGs and other women members in the community had participated in the campaign .

03   Organisation of women convention    

A Women convention titled as need of political participation of women was organized at the district head quarter in Paralakhemundi in the month of December . Women numbering more than 200 from different parts of the district and women leaders from academic institutions , political parties and civil society organizations , attended the convention. The speakers shared their views by presenting the present situation of women and they were on the views that the time has come for women to raise above their selected domain and collectively fight for womenís right , dignity and gender justice.


04   Sustainable Livelihood resource of Poor tribal families  


 IWD has supported directly 124 very poor HH to develop sustainable livelihood resource through natural resource management and other allied activities. Among them 65 families who developed degraded hill slop land by making land productive and climate resilience have started harvesting cash income and food production Out of 65 families 52 of the them have earned income ranging from Rs.8000/- to Rs. 40000/- by selling fruits , roots ,vegetable and other products and also their own consumption in this year. This in fact has become a model for converting degraded hill slop land to sustainable productive livelihood source for tribalís living in hill slops in venerable condition. Beside this model also helps to increase vegetation coverage and maintains bio-diversity which has become extremely critical in the context of climate change.

05   Meeting of Alibha federation  


The elected Panchayat women members (EWR) of R.Udayagiri and Rayagada Blocks have formed their federation named as Alibha Panchayat Women Mahasangha .. The federation creates opportunity for EWRs of different Panchayat to come to a common forum and share their experience relating to their good work and problem that they face in their work . In the process they also identify problems that are common to them and they collectively act to address them. In 2015-16 the collective efforts of EWR under the banner of Alibha federation has helped getting pension to unmarried single women, supporting a sexually abuse victimized women to get justice, bringing change in functioning of village Anganawadi centers, , campaigning to stop violence against women and campaigning against two child norm imposed in Panchayat election which adversely affect more to women. ..

06   Capacity building of EWR  


IWD is continuously helping EWRs (Elected Women Panchayat Representative) of R.Udayagiri and Rayagada Blocks in Gajapati district for enhancing their capacity so that they become effective PRI member and discharge their responsibility for improving of their village and people . The learning and confidence that EWRs have gained has motivated them to solve many of their village problems such water , road connective , electricity to village , construction of Angawadi centre , school building and inclusion of eligible persons under various social and food security schemes . Due to the effort of women PRI members 37 Anganawdi b village Angawadi centre and mid day meals in schools and brought improvement.. By their complain action has been taken against workers in 13 Angawadi centre where food distribution was irregular

07   Gender Panchayat Resource centre (GPRC)  


Gender Panchayat Resource centre is an additional system that runs to support EWR in their work .Through GPRC various information related to different schemes and programes of Govt. and their implementation procedure are provided to people along with required forms. The centres run 3 to 4 times in month at different locations . The Govt officers also attend the Centre and solve peopleís at the spot. The centre particularly helps old persons who find difficulties to travel to Block office. The local EWR attend the centre and they help to run the centre.

08   Interactive workshop  


The interactive workshop between community members and Govt. Officers, was found very effective in resolving peopleís problem The workshop creates opportunity for people to come to know various Govt programes being implemented by the Govt. The people also get opportunity to raise their difficulties that they face in accessing Services and benefits provided by Govt. before the Officers. Many problems such as defunct tube well , getting land title under FRA , delay wage payment in MGNREGS , de -siltation of village pond, repairing of villages road etc. were solved through the interactive workshops. During the year 3 interactive workshops were organized and 53 problems were solved.

09   Tribal families receiving land title under FRA  


Forest Right Act that recognizes the right of people in forest land that they in are  possession   before  2005 is being implemented  . For  getting   lease title under the Act. , IWD supports people  to file their claim  by following the prescribed procedures. This year 123 families  in 4  villages were helped  to file  their claim  and out of them  42 families  in 2 villages have got the lease  title .The lease title has become immensely important for the people  particularly  for landless families as  it is an authentic document to get caste certificate, accessing housing support and other benefits  of Govt under different schemes.

10   Women Farmers Association (WFA) accessing credit  


Women in 25 villages have organized themselves into WFA, The objective of organizing women into farmers Association is raise demand for equal status for women as farmer and get access to credit facilities, and other benefits available with Govt for farmers including skill building and new technology. This year 7 women farmers have got agriculture credit from local Bank to the tune of Rs.560000/- . This has began a new trend and money has saved women from borrowing money from local money lenders by paying high rate of interest.. Similarly 10 women farmers also got opportunity to attend training on improved method of cultivation , organized by Block Agriculture Extension Officer.