Slop Land Development for Livelihood  Security of Soura Adibasis:

The Gajapati district is one of the most poor and underdeveloped district in Odisha State.  Out of total population, Adibasi constitute about eighty percent. Among them Soura Adibasi are the most dominate community who live in hill plops. As per the economic enumeration 80 percent Saura Adibasi in the project villages lives below poverty line.   Traditionally they have been practicing Bagada cultivation (slush and burn) as their main source of livelihood. But  in course of change of time many factors  such as reduction  in area of cultivation, restriction to cultivate forest  land, loss of land productivity etc   has severely affected  their food and nutrition security .  The changing situation is depriving Sauras for education of their children, health care etc. 


The change of scenario is increasing loan burden and    forcing migration. The Saura women who were playing very important role in food production and income generation are becoming increasingly   jobless. They are forced to engage themselves in other form of wage earning which they are not used to. To restore the livelihood system of vulnerable Soura Adibasis   living in Mahedragiri hill slop range IWD has promoted a model on pilot basis   with 65 families in 6 villages.  The model includes soil and water management in degraded land, fence for protecting crop and plants from free grazing cattle by suing their own skill and local materials like stone and plants. With  final support   each of the  beneficiaries has developed one acre of land on an average and have  taken up  both  horticulture  and    cereal  crops. It is expected that each family in period of 5-6 years will harvest and income of Rs.30,000/- and more.

The result experienced in 1st Year:

Ř  29 families generated income of Rs.4,500/- and above from sale of fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Ř  21 families have got the additional income of Rs.2,000/- and more from sale of cashew nuts which used to be eaten up by stray cattles.

Ř  The increasing tree and vegetation cover is contributing to improve local bio–diversity system which has become critical in the context of climate change.

Ř  Women get engaged intensively in developed land in growing crops and getting income.